Monday, 8 October 2007

A waitress named linda

A little insight to the title of this blog... it's in remembrance of one of my childhood dreams. I had received a tea set as a gift and was playing with it in the basement of our home, and enjoying the set, I thought the greatest thing in the world would to grow up to be a waitress. And probably since I had 2 cousins with the name, I wished my name was Linda. Well, so far neither of these dreams have come true:) Not that there is anything wrong either with waiting on others (and I'd have been horrible at it), or being named Linda (which I've since learned means beautiful), God had other plans for me. He has given me my own name (which means helper and defender of mankind, and to delight) and my own calling - my greatest vocational desire is to bloom where I'm planted, in whatever place and country that may be. So I am resigned that I will never actually be a waitress named Linda but am waking up to the fact that there is so much more than I could ever imagine that will fill up the days of my life. So may you know today that there is a God who above all you can ask or imagine wants you just as you are in this moment. His love for you is more than you can imagine, and is in fact, the stuff dreams are made of. And I hope this blog will show an honest journey of someone who is seeking to love this God with all her heart, soul and strength... and her neighbour as herself.


Anonymous said...

Excellent up date, waitress named Linda! Best yet. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

glad you got there okay still praying for you and your safe return love you