Sunday, 9 December 2007

Come on down!

Hello sports and game show fans, it's time for some Cypriot trivia time! So strap in and leave your guesses on the comments page. There will be a prize for the winner - whoever comes closest.
1 - How much did this rhubarb cost? Hint - the checkout clerk asked me what it was:)
2 - What am I? Why am I called this?
3 - This fruit was growing in the orchard I visited this weekend - what kind of structure does it grow on (tree, vine, shrub, etc.)?
4 - What kind of fruit grows on this tree?
5 - This building was at the monastary we visited. In Cyprus, what faith does it represent?
That's it for now... enjoy the game - and feel free not to answer all the questions if you only want to answer one or two. Have fun!


righthere.rightnow. said...

To help you out, here are the q's:
1 - how much did the rhubarb cost?
2 - what is this insect and how did it get its name?
3 - what kind of structure does this fruit grow on?
4 - what fruit grows on this tree?
5 - what group of people practice their faith in this monastary?

Kelly B said...

1. Rubbard - am thinking they would give it away if they didn't know any better
2. Praying mantis (?sp)
3. either Lychee nut or Kiwi
Ya stumped me on the rest

Kelly B said...

Opps - forgot the order of the questions. Am I bad?

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

Hello Miss.Thompson,

I'm up for your Challenge.
1. I'm going to say $8:00 Cdn. (I really have no idea)
2. I will agree with Kelly and say that it is a praying mantis. It derived its name because of its "praying" stance and "mantis" is a Greek word for prophet. I guess you could say that it is a praying prophet.
3. It is a Kiwifruit and it grows on a vine.
4. O.K. This is a hard question. The tree looks too young to bear fruit but I'm going to say it produces oranges because Cyprus is known for its citrus fruits.
5. Last question... Greek Orthodox.

How did I do? Don't keep me waiting too long for the answers.


Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

Merry Christmas Miss. Thompson,

Rachel brought to light the answer to number 4. She believes that it is an olive tree and it produces olives, obviously.

Trevor & Rachel

Denielle said...

Sandra...I sense that your "Come on down!" is in tribute to something you might be missing....say Price is Right perhaps? I have not watched since you left...I can't bring myself to watch without my Sandra! I'm so happy to see you still look normal and haven't grown an extra eye yet. Miss you your blogs...can't wait to catch up when you get back! Oh yeah...saw everyone from the fire hall and everyone is doing well and asked if I heard from you and I told them you were fabulous so not to worry! Denielle