Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Bogmolo Bogmolo Bogmolo

Bogmolo is the name of the touristy seaside town we stayed in our first 3 weeks in India. From there we travelled by bus a half hour to serve in 2 of the slum areas. These photos contain pictures of 2 people mentioned in other posts - the 4 year old boy with the ankle wound, and the 8 year old shopkeeper. There is also a snapshot of the pharmacy most of our first aid kit came from - I think if I would have wanted a nuclear bomb, it would have been found here. I believe that India still has more to teach me - it would be exaggerating to say that 6 weeks there even scratched the surface.


dackwards said...
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dackwards said...

I'd hate to have to do inventory in that pharmacy! :) I'm guessing that they're not all that concerned with expiry dates and such? Are the fires along the street spontaneous? Is someone trying to burn the garbage?