Friday, 4 December 2009

My Life Chronicles, December 4, 2009

Beginning of the day: 0523 - 0740
Fridays are early mornings because I commute out of town for clinical practice and have to be there before 0700. And, with blizzard warnings forecasting storms to hit during the night, today started earlier than usual.
At 0600 ish I was in the parking lot... but my car battery was completely dead. Like the kind of dead that happens when you leave-an-interior-light-on-3-days-ago dead.
Not once in my 6 am commutes have I seen someone in the parking lot, but today there was a stranger passing through. And said stranger just happened to have an Eliminator battery charger from Canadian Tire with him. He hooked me up and in a half hour I was good to go. I drove to clinical amazed at God's care for me.

Middle of the day: 1605
When I returned from clinical today, it was impossible to park my vehicle in our building's parking lot. You see, it has a very steep slope that I sometimes gear down to first for in the middle of summer to prevent stalling. It is also a right angle turn from a downwards hill to an upwards hill, which icy roads don't cater to very well. So I bypassed it and went and parked on an off street.

End of the day: 2245 - 0100
I headed out into the storm, (still raging, in it's 17th hour), and saw tire tracks. SOMEONE had made it up the driveway. My pride told me "You can too!" My pride either ignored or forgot the fact that I drive an economy car sans winter tires. (Sigh... Oh 4 runner how I miss thee! Let me count the ways...) So after barely getting out of my socked-in parking spot, I manoeuvred my way around the block. Getting traction was almost impossible. My pride overruled that observation too.
I did not make it up the driveway. Instead, I came about 18 inches from hitting a parked Acura as my steel box careened sideways down the street. Thankfully the wooden planters and "no parking" sign saved me. (The no parking sign didn't make it. R.I.P.)
The next hour involved getting my building manager up, a random stranger offering help, waiting until the Acura moved, praying for wisdom, and then breaking-the-whole-way-but-still-sliding down the hill and safely slipping into an illegal parking lot at the bottom of the hill. Who would ticket anyone on a day like today, right? Just to be safe, I also put "the club" on my vehicle - incase some ambitious thief wanted to shovel out my Vibe and go for a 5 km/hr joyride.
From that parking lot I walked home by myself, marveling at the beauty of this warm and beautiful snowy night, and the One who made it all.
The End


Betty said...

Oh Sandra! How wrong I was! I thought an Eliminator was some kind of weapon! Sheesh - totally not on the same page - except for God watching over you. Keep warm and get some decent tires on if you can.
Love Aunty

Anonymous said...

Oh what a day! :) -- BD

don't clog my blog or i'll smog your frog said...

Dra! Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's good to know that occasionally people see it.

That was quite a day. We are just now getting our first big snow. Kind of exciting and depressing at the same time.

I heard from Mary that you are going to Egypt this summer. That's sweet! You'll have to let me know the dates. MAYBE, and I mean maybe, Carrie and I would be able to travel there at the same time.

God's best.

Danielle said...


I can't believe this was your first day of mayhem there- those steep hills & parking lots are killer! You've got some gang-bustit guardian angels, girl. You crack me up with the army time! You're such a GI Jane!

Julene said...

Sorry we haven't connected on Skype yet, my friend. E-mail me when it works for you this weekend and we'll set up a date!