Tuesday, 1 June 2010

More Eyes

If you're interested in life in Doro from other perspectives, click on the links to the right. "Amelia Jane", "Kata", and "The Agnes'" are all here and writing about it. And they even have pictures :) Enjoy!

PS - and now you can link to "Kev" too!:)
PPS - and now "Julie"!
PPPS - and now "The Bracht's" too:) We keep growing here in Doro.
PPPPS - and Sheila


Kev said...

"Amelia Jane", "Kata", and "The Agnes'"...but no "Kev". That's a shame...

Anonymous said...

Loved looking at the pictures... thanks for sending the links!!!! Makes me want to come visit you, but not all the creatures :)