Monday, 27 December 2010

The wind and the waves

I was in Victoria this last week, and one morning run took me down a cement barge and down to the lighthouse. The wind was strong that day, and waves crashed into the barrier and sent spray up and over the edge. One one side the sea raged, on the other the harbour was calm. Few of us made it to the end, and those who did arrived soaking wet.
The next day, my mom and I tried it again. But that day, the winds were even stronger. The waves were even higher. The danger was even greater. We were saturated by the waves, and battered by the winds. We did not make it all the way to the lighthouse. In consideration of safety, we had to turn back. I saw no one make it to the lighthouse that day.
It struck me, as we were heading back into the howling wind, fighting to stay on course, that sometimes, the only way to stay upright and on course is to walk into the storm. Thus far, it is a literal observation, but I am filing it away for when I will need it figuratively.


Anonymous said...

Love you, Friend. - BD.

Wildflower said...

Good to hear from you again..I miss you..

Julene said...

Great to hear from you, Sand. Love you.

Betty said...

Hi Sandra - I've been watching for you to write!
Love Aunt Betty

Anonymous said...

You have spoken to my heart words of truth today.. I needed to read that. RR.