Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What if...

I went out for coffee with a dear friend. We don't see each other often, but she is the kind of person whose depth and wisdom and joy meet me at a soul level. No pretentions, no attempts at being surficial, no skirting around one another's hurt. Just raw and real... And refreshing.

There are reasons that she can enter this level of vulnerable, a path where few dare to tread. One reason is because she is naturally amazing, and has always been someone who has radiated life and depth, and a genuine caring spirit that can really see people. But that natural disposition has been brought to another level, a level that has authority to it. Illness and its pain has brought her to a place that wellness and blessing cannot go.

Most of the people who try to encourage her, do it like this: "when you are well again, then ... (insert blessing here)". These people are good hearted. They want her to believe in a future. They hope that these thoughts will give her resolve to help her body fight back. But be wise, those who wish to encourage this way... You're forgetting something.

The present. The now. The obstacles to the future you are dreaming for. They are real, and they are here now, and they may never be hurdled.

My friend shared that one of the greatest questions she had been asked was "so, what if... you don't ever get better?"

Ouch. But the wise second part to that question was: "If... You don't ever get better, what are going to do to live fully today?" Do you know what that question does to a person who is in the midst of suffering? It reminds them...

They are still alive today. There are still good things to experience today. That blessings and joy are not only for the whole, and not only in the future. This conversation has continued to resonate with my soul.

I identified with my friend that day, as someone who is sick and who has found it hard to be encouraged by a great future that so many well meaning people have said I need to be healed to enter in to. I strongly caution anyone who believes that any blessings of God are to be reserved only for the whole to rethink the concept of grace and give your head a shake.  For the people who don't have healing in their earthly future, the promises stand true; not just the eternal, but the day to day. 

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Anonymous said...

I have often checked back in hopes to see your writings again. It's been a few months since you posted these but wanted you to know how much I appreciated reading them. I have so much love for you my friend. Almost 35 years now..... looking forward to the next 35 :)