Friday, 2 November 2007

Feels like summer, looks like fall

This last weekend, 6 of us headed to Troodos to do a little hiking... it really was beautiful. We spent Saturday on a couple of different trails (and one crazy off-roading experience through a terraced grape, nectarine, apple orchard- despite the pic I'm posting, I wasn't the driver for this one:)) We went to the top of Mt. Olympous which was a really funny tourist experience - a major tourist site - the highest point in Cyprus- surrounded by military bases, so you can't really take pictures of the view - but it's amazing! We slept under the stars that night, roasted marshmallows, and ate copious amounts of nuts from a multitude of vendors. It was here amidst people who a month ago were strangers that I was remided of... me. I love this kind of stuff - trekking, camping out, wearing a toque to bed, eating nuts for breakfast. In every country and place, with whoever - this is me. I love the little tidbits of life that remind us who we are - whether it's to break up the mundane of normality or provide connection in a world that is totally unfamiliar. It was wonderful refreshing weekend... enjoy the pics. A fall scene, the Canadian girls, the 6 of us, and scenes from the hike - the mediterrainian sea in the background of the mountain shot:) Finally got an internet connection that lasted long enough to post pics - YAY!


dackwards said...

Wow! So much space, so much beauty, so gorgeous a blue sky... so perfect a place to simply just breathe.

Brad said...

Lookin good San! Lookin GOOD!

Brad said...

Actually Danielle said that, but Brad (skinny) would heartily second that comment!