Saturday, 26 January 2008


Usually I like to write with some sort of theme... not so today. The thoughts in my head as I will try to sum up our time in Goa are random - snippets of ideas and information connected to eachother often only because they are from India.
1 - The little boy with the ankle wound came back, his infection far worse. We prescribed anti-biotics via telling his teacher to tell whoever would pick him up from school to tell his parents how to take them. They are illiterate so I spent time making a sun-up chart to say when he should take them... no good, his family is picture illiterate too (yes, it's a real thing). And when he returned Monday, (infection much better, thank God) his 7 day course was already finished. We spent copious amounts of water and time and rubbing to continue getting dirt out of the wound. The culprit in the end was an embedded peice of glass. I hope he will continue to heal. Even for our team who have the proper means for cleaning - humidity, sand, and filth slow the process considerably.
2 - Men's speedos aren't so bad - when compared to the local men's swimsuits here - straight up ginch... yeah, even tighty whities... I've seen it all (and presume you have too, right Sarah I.?)
3 - I am so thankful for my nation's passport that does not limit me from border crossings; my nation's health care that makes the unbelievable things I see here day to day obsolete; the sanitation system of my country that makes tap water safe to drink, puts pressure into a shower, and gets rid of waste; an education system that makes it impossible for the clerk at my local retail store to be 8 years old.
4 - Don't get me wrong - I am loving India... I haven't experienced enough of it yet to really understand the things here my own nation is missing that are still alive in this place. Every place I've been has taught me something important we have left behind in the West in pursuit of our big dreams. I know the lesson is here, I just haven't seen it yet.
5 - "Any job, anytime, anywhere" is what I think is written on the equipment at my place of employment... it could also be the motto for the bathroom here.
6 - When I first went to Africa over 9 years ago, I prayed that God would grant me not only compassion, but compassion with wisdom. You can't always give to everyone, and not all giving benefits even the recipient. I am still on this journey.
7 - I bought a pink shirt. Not all of you will understand how whack this is, but Meller I know you're smiling:)
OK... that's all. Thanks for sharing in the rabbit trails. Namastee.


Andrew said...

I know you don't agree, but you did look pretty sharp in pink and green plaid.

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

Thought number five gave me a good laugh.


Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

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