Friday, 14 March 2008

Let's talk Turkey...

Another random post, friends, just to say I'm still tickin' here in Turkey. So here's the random thoughts and facts to keep you up to date:
1 - I'm an undult. Yep, that's right, an undult. I found out this fact from a 3 year old I'm spending time with these days; after you are a teenager, you become and undult. Even though she was amazed I wasn't still a teenager - sweet kid:)
2 - Even though it is in the low 20's (70's for you south-folk), it is necessary for me to wear covered shoes and a sweater here when outside. Why? Because I wasn't feeling well last week. And unless I cover my feet and arms (completely and thickly) in public, my hosts are obviously not taking care of me, and it reflects badly on them. So yep, 20+ degrees and my Chacos are at the door as I wear instead... black dress shoes... Some days I just don't feel like myself.
3 - One of my roomates and I went hiking yesterday. Up and over a hill a few minutes from our house you can explore a settlement. A made in stone, ancient ruins settlement. Now there is nothing this old in my country, and if there were, it would be taped off, preserved, and charging admission. Not here - there are SO MANY of these ancient ruins in this country that this one goes unnoticed... it is an entire city... 4 hours there hardly scratched the surface. Amazing...
4 - The computer is still kaiboshed - so much so that it is debatable that is will travel back to North America with me. So this is the still no picture explanation - you just gotta take my word for it.
5 - Have a nice day.


Betty said...

Hi Sandra!

You have certainly experienced circumstances most of us would never have the courage to explore! Soon home? I'm sure your mom is very excited!
Will you get your cat back?
Do you want your cat back?

What's your next move?

Love Aunt Betty

MaD Amendt said...

Can't WAIT to see you! Really bummed I missed the skype call. According to Sarah Ibbotson you are back in country April 2nd. So we will hook up really soon! Love you lots my friend, Mary