Friday, 29 February 2008

I don't really need it

Somewhere between India and Cyprus, I lost my flash-drive. I have a distinct memory of packing it into my checked-in luggage. The thought trail was something like "maybe I shouldn't put it here - if this pocket was opened it would be lost easily - nah, that pocket's not going to get opened"; you know, something like that. If it has ended up in Cyprus, it has found a nook or cranny somewhere that would win it a prize in hide-and-go-seek. That flashdrive holds all my backup to 2 years of pictures, presentations, music and documents.
I understood its value this week when my computer completely crashed and I lost everything. Thankfully, about half of my pictures have since been recovered due to the genius and kindness of a computer guru who's a friend of a friend's who spent 3 days with it (and wouldn't take a dime - the kindness of strangers, wow!) Everything else is khallas (my Arabic spelling for the word that means "finished").
So what was my reaction when I thought I'd completely lost 2 years of pictoral, musical, and written memory? - "Oh well, it happens." I'm not telling this story to let you know how laid back I am in annoying situations. What happened was that God drew a parallel for me in other places of my life; all of the times I've lost or been without things and catagorized them in the "doesn't really matter" pile. The problem has been that some of the things really did/do matter.
I'm finding it difficult with words to paint the picture that is so clear in my head, but if there's a point to this post, it's to encourage us all to ascribe value to the things that really matter. And if you've lost or damaged or been without those things, don't just say "oh well". I think we'd all be better off if we always put value in its rightful place - on the important things - and also took it off the things that aren't. I am in Turkey this month chillin' and childcaring, hoping to process the last few months and solidify what those important things are.

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