Thursday, 14 February 2008

Taking Inventory...

At the beginning of our 8 weeks away from Cyprus, we bought a first aid kit. And what a first-aid kit it was... sigh... beauty. So MUCH stuff in it. A crazy amount of stuff. The leaders thought I was whack... in their experiences of over 20 combined outreaches they've hardly used a band-aid. And I have to admit that I definitely stocked that kit above and beyond expectations. It's hard to take an EMT and buy a box of band-aids and think you're ready for emergencies, so I got a few extra things... and we've used just about everything! Seriously, it's been bit of a gong show... God has used the illnesses and injuries of our team and those we've been in contact with to challenge me so much. Between a ? dislocated hand, varieties of stomach problems (both vomit and diarrhea like you wouldn't believe), several whack skin ailments, and the world's largest spider bite (final dimensions were from abdomen to knee, and almost the entire circumference of the thigh,... the victim was bedridden for over 2 weeks), my mind has gotten a work out. I was thankful for the reminder from a good friend that God is wisdom and always accessible- especially with a very limited book supply and intermittent internet connection. It's also been great teaching basic community health care and disease to the students here - they are incredible attentive and fun to be with. Hopefully the bizarre ailments are done - the only thing left in our kit are gravol suppositories, malarial treatment, and IV's - any one that would make a good story if we would use them, but thankfully no volunteers yet:) Anyways, it's time for me to header to bed - lots to process are the lessons that come through the mind these days. Wow... that sentence structure sounds a little Yoda to me... really time for bed it is. Ha ha and goodnight.


Betty said...

Hi Sandra! Happy Valentine's Day!
Your experiences are beyond belief and I'm sure just the small amount you've shared is nothing compared to the reality of where you have been.
God is truly wisdom and strength - sometimes by the very last thread.
I hear from your Mom that you'll be home in March. Where are you going now?
God be with you.

Love Aunt Betty

Elephteria said...

Good words.