Tuesday, 26 August 2008


It's not every day that I'm aware of God looking out for me in a profound way. I know He always does, and I'm sure if my eyes could see day to day all the places He intervenes on my behalf, I would be amazed... all of us would be. But 2 times in the last 2 weeks, things that should have happened didn't... and when they didn't, God let me see that it was because of Him.

The first happened as I was taking my bike off of my roof-rack. I am not tall enough to get it off without opening the door and standing on the back seat. I also don't have enough upper body strength to pull the fork off the holder without a little inertia. So as I was yanking my bike upwards, using my body as momentum, I fell. Holding the bike above my head, I couldn't hold on to anything or brace my fall. But mid-slip, I stopped... abruptly and completely stopped falling. In that moment, I was very aware of a world that I cannot see.

The second event was on Sunday evening. I was driving back from Manning (1 hr north of Peace River) after a weekend with some great friends. In a very rural place, at dusk, I drove over a peice of tangled steel that lay completely across one lane of the highway. This piece of steel should have given me a flat... but it didn't. As I drove the rest of that beautiful, deserted lonely road, I knew it once again - He was watching over me.

So, that's it... just wanted to testify of His care over me... may I continue to see it in my life, may you see it in yours too.


Julene said...

He is a loving Father. Read a story about that to the kids today, and Tehya & I were both in tears over God's amazing love. Love you Sand. Looking forward to when you one day adventure over here. Jule

Kimberly White said...

Sounds like those angels were doing there job! God is good! And now I'm "stalking" your blog! Thanks for shining Sandra! Kim