Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I just want to say that there are 3 other posts I've been trying to write... picking away at... writer's block I guess, has kept them from being posted. So in the future when you check in, you may have to check back to see anything new. I'm not techie enough to change the dates, and even if I could, I don't think I'd want to... the chronology is important to me. OK, now on to "horses".

On one of the last days in Costa Rica, spending time with God, He showed me a picture of a horse. She was penned, snorting, wild, wary... eying suspiciously a man sitting on top of the wooden fence. He held a lasso; He wanted to tame her. She just wanted to be free.

Then the man spoke to her: "I will be out here everyday, letting you get used to me." Then I saw the horse as she was roaming the plains - no borders, no boundaries... and still the man was there, patiently watching her, biding his time. You see, He already has plans for her, and they will come to pass.

I didn't need the brain of a rocket scientist to understand that God was talking to me, about me... but I was surprised a few days later when He led me to an article about horses. The writer told about the virtues of a good battle horse... will go ahead without fear... trusts her rider... presses on with courage despite all signs of danger...

This is who He is training me to be. But until I am her, He will sit on the fence posts, follow me into the plains, letting me get used to Him. He is patient with my skittishness... He is gentle with my fear. Someday He will break me... someday He will ride me... and the day I succumb to this is the day I will be truly free.

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