Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Off the beaten track

Friday came in perfect timing - right in the middle of needing an adventure. You may think that because I am living in Sudan, that everyday is an adventure. But even the most exotic sounding places in the world become normal life without a little help.

Friday was a village day. Every couple of weeks our class spends one day in the village, monitoring the growth of children under 5 and providing prenatal care. The village half of the students and I were assigned to is not too far away from here, and there is a main road that travels to it. But to my delight, the students led me to the village on trails off the beaten track. It was just what I needed.

We followed a "trail" of single track. This far into the rainy season the grass and maize on both sides of the trail were at times as high as my shoulders, and the shades of green that have come to life over the last few weeks are spectacular. The sky housed a brilliant (and hot) sun in its perfect blue as we trekked over gentle hills and though farmer's fields.

There was some debate as the course was chosen. If they had all have abandoned me I would have been lost; we had zigged and then zagged so many times. Whenever we trekked through questionable territory (like tall grass that made me think snakes would be hard to see), they put me in the middle of the pack - the safest place - and on we went. Through grass and mud and over fences and through valleys; my soul was refreshed.

At our destination we drank the delicious thick coffee with ginger that is standard fare here, and then went on to our work. For hours we listened to the heartbeats of unborn babies and measured the growth of children. Most of the results were encouraging. Then we shared the little water and food we had and made the return trek back to Doroji, with some stops along the way.

I am so glad for days like this... off the beaten track... adventure in the journey and not just in the destination. So much living to do between the cracks of the preplanned events. May each of you be finding your way off the beaten tracks today, and may it be refreshing to your souls!


Andrew said...

Glad you had an awesome day.

Had a midlife crisis. Bought a unicycle.

Betty said...

I think your adventures off the beaten track are a "little" more than what most of us consider off the beaten track. I would not have been able to appreciate the walk in "snake country" as you did!
God definitely knows who to chose for each walk of life.
God Bless you and keep you Sandra.
Love Aunt Betty

As for you Andrew - you rebel you! Too cheap to buy a bike with 2 wheels! Just like your Dad!

Love Aunt Betty

Danielle said...

Love to hear you're getting some good treks in. Makes me smile to know how that connects you to your spirit & His. Have you come to any conclusions?

Andrews comment cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Hi..What an awesome adventure. It sounds like this life is starting to be normal to you:)
We took your Mom out to the cabin with us yesterday. She drove out her in a big downpour & almost got blown off the road. Linda, Bruce, Sarah & 2 of their grandkids were staying out at the cabin overnight, so we went out for a wiener roast. That's our big adventure. Love reading your story's. Love to see your pic's when you get back.
Love ya ♡
Aunty Ev

NurseJulie said...

Wow, beautifully written, and such a great message. Thanks for sharing, Sandra, and keep writing! :)