Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Things that rhyme

Snake protocol says that if you see a snake, you are to keep your eye on it, yell "SNAKE!", and somebody else is to come running with a stick and kill it.

So yesterday, in the middle of rainstorm, one of the missionaries had a night adder in her house (now confirmed to be the same kind of snake I saw on the June 7th post). Our houses are side by side, so I was the only one to hear her yell "SNAKE!". I ran out into the rainstorm towards the dining hall where I knew that 4 others were who I thought would be more adept at snake killing than I am.

"SNAKE!" No response. I ran closer.
"SNAKE!" Again, no response. My tone became more urgent.
Finally they came running out of the dining hall, sticks in hand, and came into the tukl to kill the snake.
So nobody was hurt, the snake was killed, and life went back to normal.

But why the delay? One of the girls explained it to me.
"We thought you were yelling 'CAKE!'"

It's true... We do eat more cake here than we see snakes.


Betty said...

O.K. Sandra - Quit playing with snakes!!!
And learn to pronounce your "ssssss" a little better!

renae said...

my friend. It is good to read through your posts again and hear your heart! I feel like my experiences right now are about as far away from what you are experiencing as could be possible. Yet God is here and God is there and He is working out and in our journeys. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I had to chuckle girlie...glad there is plenty of cake to go around and not as many snakes...:)-RR

MaD Amendt said...

oh man that is a hilarious story!!!

Danielle said...

Hey, I would have come running if I heard you yelling "CAKE"!

Judith said...

Hmmm...maybe we should implement a snake protocol here in Paso Marcos... Missing you

Anonymous said...

you are so cute that is why I love you T/F

Anonymous said...

hi sandra! you do like your cake!! I miss you terribly, hope things are going well. Enjoy your last month! I'm truly loving reading your posts; they make me feel closer to you! love Karen:)