Sunday, 9 May 2010

Buying in Bulk

Because of a general lack of food, intensified by flooding during harvest season last year, we must pack in a significant portion of our food supplies. So yesterday, I did a mother load shopping trip. Want to know what’s on the menu from now until mid-August? Keep reading...

5 – cans of tomatoes
5 – cans of peas
5 – cans of corn
5 – cans of tuna
2 – bags of brown rice
2 – bags of quinoa
2 – pkg. Spagetti
2 – pkg. Fusoli
1kg – Oatmeal
12 – individual pkgs. Oatmeal
1.36kg – milled flax
35 – Clif bars
2 – 1kg bags dried chick peas
1 – large pkg. Brown flour
1 – small pkg. White flour
2 – 400g pkg. Roasted peanuts
1 – 200g pkg. Roasted cashews
1 – 400g pkg. Roasted almonds
3 – 1kg jars peanut butter
2 – 250g pkg. Skim milk powder
1L – high heat milk
1 – 1.36kg dried cranberries
1 – 1kg bag dried blueberries
1 – 1kg dried mangoes
96 – fruit leathers
12 – fruit bars
2 – pkgs. Soy mince (yeah, it looks as great as it sounds...)
1 – 1kg pkg. Beef jerky
12 – individual pkgs. Beef jerky
6 – pkgs. Dried whole eggs
2 – small pkgs. Chocolate chips
1 – large jar of cinnamon, also small pkgs. Of cloves, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, italian spices, rosemary, and black pepper
15 – pkgs. Of spice mixes (thai curry, alfredos, vietnamese lemongrass, butter chicken, tomato herb)
7 – pkgs. Dried coconut milk
5 – pkgs. Soup base
1L – lemon juice
8... 7.5...7 – chocolate bars
1 – pkg. Cocoa cream cookies (from my friend in Egypt :))
5 – pkgs. Electrolyte enhancing jelly beans

Foods that are usually easy to find in the market include potatoes, carrots, garlic, onions, lentils, milk powder, white beans and seasonal fruits & vegetables. However, just last week, half of the market burned down, and we haven’t yet heard which half. So scratch half that list...

I'm thinking that the next few days, weeks, & months will have more to write about than a grocery list. I look forward to sharing with you what, by grace, I will learn in this place.


Mom said...

I want to know about the diminishing chocolate bars! - love Mom

Andrew said...

So do the electrolyte enhancing jelly beans come in gatorade flavours? That might not be that bad.

That looks like a lot of food. Remember to get some sort of parasite so that Dave really has to work for his weight loss goal..

Betty said...

Ha Ha! June, I noticed the chocolate bar diminish too! Trust us to see that!

Soy mince!? Ewwww!

Anyway, sounds like you won't starve - although I probably would in that length of time on that amount of food.

Love Auntie

Betty said...

Parasite Andrew? Such a loving brother!

Joyce said...

I'm with Andrew. Raelene and I have already talked about borrowing some of your extra parasites. It's our secret weight loss method. :)

Joyce said...

Not that I want you to catch something.... but if it's inevitable, maybe you'll share.