Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Egypt Blitz

I am in Nairobi, safe & sound... all the luggage has even arrived in tact (except for the luggage locks... somehow they lost their keys en route, but nothing that a hacksaw couldn’t take care of!).

The journey began by leaving in a snowstorm. I am so thankful for my uncle who agreed to drive to the airport even though the forecast was for 25 cms. Travel to Cairo was uneventful with good seatmates and all luggage arriving safely, and my friend was there to meet me.

Egypt was wonderful... if you ever want to travel to an interesting place bursting with hospitality, this is it. What follows is the blitz of those 3.5 days. Keep in mind that though I slept 13 hours my first night there; in total I only slept 19. My conclusion is that Egyptian people must have a special blessing on them for overcoming sleep deprivation.

In 3.5 days we:

* Saw my friend’s church and met many of her friends.

* Saw & explored the pyramids.

* Rode a camel.

* Met new friends from Egypt and the USA.

* Took a river boat ride on the Nile at sunset.

* Toured the Egyptian museum and saw the mummies.

* Ate a turkey dinner with my friend and her family – brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, and spouses – at 1:30 in the morning! They assured me this is normal in Egypt... (Really, Egyptians never sleep...).

* Took the train to Alexandria and ate falafel by the sea, watched the fishermen, toured the world’s largest library, and went to the museum.

* Crossed the street many, many times. Wow – it is an art. Being in the middle of a fast paced busy road with cars whizzing by on both sides is totally normal here.

* Got a pedicure. The esthetician was amazed at the state of my feet post half-marathons and post Alberta winter. My ugly feet and black toes are now transformed! (And it cost me about $4).

* Took the metro several times across town. Cairo is a HUGE city. The entire population of Canada and then some is in one place in Cairo and its surrounding area. Traffic is pretty amazing, though I don’t think it’s quite as nuts as Mumbai.

That’s about it for now... just arrived in Nairobi yesterday and slept 12 hours last night making up for Egypt :). Will head to Sudan on the 11th if things go as planned. Will get some supplies today and just kick & get rested. I hope that each of you are well & will update again when I can!


Betty said...

Isn't riding a camel like an everyday event for everyone! Sheesh! What a girl for experiences!
I'm glad you arrived safe.
God Bless
Love Aunt Betty

Peter & Mel said...

Wow! Busy few days dear friend. Egypt sounded amazing....thanks for the update. Love ya....Mel

Tracey-Lynn said...

WOW sounds like you are have a amazing time. Safe Travel. Love the updates!!

Thomas/Leah said...

looking forward to hearing more as you reach the Sudan.
Got your package hand-delivered by my hubby. We both love the contents! ;) Thank you dear friend, for your thoughtfulness!
Blessings and love,

Danielle said...

So great to hear you were safe & tired & sound in the land of "Sand". That's so awesome that you actually got to tour around and do some amazing things while you were there. Live it up girlfriend! ...and sleep when you can. I don't know how you're still standing!!! Loving you... D.

Kate said...

Oh Sandra sounds wonderful. Stay safe. Huggs from Dispatch, Kate