Monday, 17 May 2010

Inviting you to the South Sudan Spa

There’s a lot of hype in the West these days about healthy living. A girl here was looking at magazines from her home country (the UK) and read some articles that got us talking. Virtually everything you need for a healthy lifestyle is here in the South Sudan. Let me tell you why you should head here to Doro to have a fantastic spa experience (minus the pampering).

1. Apparently Lentils are a “new” powerfood. We eat them all the time here.
2. Drinking lots of water is good. We do that here. I’m between 4 & 5 litres these days, and am not over hydrated. See #3 to see why.
3. Hot yoga (exercise done in 40C+ weather and extreme humidity) is pretty fad these days in the West. It is a lifestyle here.
4. Reduce transport via motorized vehicles. Check.
5. Cut back on junk food. Let me tell you, that's easy to do when the closest good chocolate is a 5 hour plane ride away.
6. Get lots of rest. The other night I was sleeping so deeply that I did not hear the dog that came INTO my tent (the zipper is broken) and dragged my garbage (from the corner by my bed) onto the veranda and tore it apart.
7. Have excitement in your life. My scorpion count has tripled - now up to 3! (the second met its demise in the form of my shower bucket). Another escaped. There was also a large spider in the shower tukl last night, and the larger beetles are starting to emerge because rainy season is upon us. Also, a snake was killed right outside of my tent last night. The man who killed it said that a black snake is a bad snake. This one was black. Living with critters is exciting!
8. Oatmeal is apparently also a "new" must eat food - almost every morning here!
9. Eating organic is good, right? Here, everything is very very organic.
10. Mud packs and exfoliation for your skin are side effects of the dusty wind.
11. Vitamin D from the sun is plenty here!

So come on down to the South Sudan Spa! Especially if you are a doctor. Or anything really - we'll find a place for you!

* Idea not completely original - credit given to


Betty said...

Ha ha Sandra! Basic, simple living is where it's at! And where you are at right now!
I could NOT live where there were scorpions and snakes coming to visit!
You are very brave indeed.
Love your posts.
Love u too!
Aunt Betty

Katrina said...

Hello my friend. I went for a bike ride today. My bum hurts, but I thought of you.
I always love hearing about your adventures and your thoughts on life. I am thankful that I still get access to this! You are a gem indeed!
Today is a new opportunity to add to the adventure. It's a new day to love. You have taught me that today and every step is a gift and that is a beautiful thing.

Danielle said...

Glad you are going to return with a healthy glow... and some serious critter karate skills!

Andrew said...

Am writing to you from mom's new computer. She loves it. Soon I will let her use it.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You've been writing! Love reading this, although I can't say I'm tempted to try and relax among those critters! - BD.

Elizabeth Lester said...

Love ya, Sandra!

Julene said...

Loved reading up on your adventures this evening, Sand!!! Keep them coming ... good to have a kindred spirit also living life as a foreigner!