Saturday, 15 May 2010


I am in the Sudan now, and will be posting about it soon. But for today, here is a list of observations from time in Nairobi.

My on-again off-again relationship with peanut butter is definitely on again.

Rice made with water that kind of tastes like algae also kind of tastes like algae.

My newly pedicured pretty toes stood out remarkably today as I passed a lady begging on the street. For a moment our feet were freeze-framed together... mine clean and polished; hers... gone. Her one foot was roughly amputated somewhere in the middle of the foot, and not where bones would end naturally. I can’t think of what kind of injury could have caused it. She is one of many people who sit on the street here, with parts of their bodies absent or disfigured, dependent on those who pass by.

There have been bloodthirsty mosquitoes keeping me up at night. As one I was chasing landed on the ceiling and I went to smack it, I noticed the remains of several other mosquitoes that met their end on that ceiling – it’s covered in several streaks of blood mixed with legs. I felt strangely comforted as I realized I was not the only one who had fought such a battle in this place.

It was recent enough (11.5 years ago) that I was in Nairobi the first time. I can remember how I felt the first time I passed through these streets yet I am not her now. It has been so interesting remembering who I was in this place and having her eyes a little bit, but feeling so different about things in the midst of it.

The Sudan news of the day is that I killed my first African scorpion today - in my TENT! Thanks Jodie for your prayer that I would see the wonder in all the critters and not fear - He is hearing you!

Hope you are each having a wonderful May :)


Andrew said...

Scorpions are one of the reasons I love living in a place with harsh winters.

I like peanut butter - it seems so right for you. I'm glad you're back together!

MaD Amendt said...

Sandra- great to see an update. I think of you often. Dave has left us on his journey, and so here I am with the boys. I am anxious to hear all about your adventures(I would be WAY too chicken to kill a scorpion) and hear what God is doing in you. Much love, Mary

Anonymous said...

Miss Thompson,
Had a wonderful surprise today when I recieved your card, it totally made my day, actually my week. Glad to hear that you made a profit of a cow, so set up the wedding date and I will be there. Miss you, hope you are being careful and I as well can not wait to catch up in September.